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Full-Stack Digital Marketing
 We get it, Online Business is changing FAST! 
"Change is inevitable, Growth is optional."
- John C. Maxwell
People get caught in a tangled web, not having a clear direction on what to do. Your prospects need a simple, clear path where they can enter your eco-system and learn more about your services.

By mapping out your Client Attraction Flywheel, and providing massive value in advanced, you treat prospects like clients in advanced and the ones who are an ideal match will naturally self-select
Your Client Attraction Flywheel Should Follow 1 Clear Pathway
Don't Waste Your Time, 
Strategy Calls Are Dead!!
IT'S TRUE! Experts tell you to get prospects on a 45-minute strategy call, which packs your calendar, only for you to realize that only 10-20% may convert. What about the 80-90% of your wasted time?

Yes, there's a better method and that's building warm prospects by providing massive value in advanced, such that #SellingIsSuperfluous
B O N U S 
3 Secrets That Your #1 Competitor
Doesn't Want You To Know  . . . 
Don't Waste Your Time,    
Traditional Sites Are Dead!!
IT'S TRUE! Traditional websites started dying when Social Media Platforms became mainstream. 

With attention span that's worst than a goldfish, your job is to capture people's attention by focusing on their immediate pain or pleasure. We're vying for people's attention.  #AttentionEconomy
Most Entrepreneurs think that to grow their business, they need to spend a lot of money on Ads, build complex Sales Funnels, spend their day on Strategy Calls, and invest a lot of time on Social Media & Content Marketing - This is the old way! 

Welcome a much better system of finding your ideal prospects, treat them like clients in advance, and easily convert them into high ticket clients, all  without wasting time on the phone, struggling with complex Funnels and spending a lotta money on Ads  #OrganicLeadGen
Grow Business Without Costly Advertising & Wasting Time
  • 96% of website visitors will not buy anything on their first visit. It's a little known marketing fact that people need to hear from a company 5-8 times before they KNOW, LIKE & TRUST your brand. This large group can potentially turn into clients in the near future. A well designed "Client Attraction Flywheel," that  provides "massive value" in advanced will convert cold prospects into into loyal clients
  • 44% of sales reps quit after one rejection, not realizing that a prospect's first NO actually translates to, "I don't know you, therefore I don't trust you ... as yet". Again, it takes about 5-8 touch points before a sale is made. The best way to warm up your prospects is to provide massive value in advanced in a friendly ecosystem — allow prospects to get to Know, Like & Trust you first, then selling becomes superfluous
  • 30–50% of sales are made by the vendor who responds first. All the more reasons why it's important to set up your Client Attraction Flywheel and provide value in advanced, where you build a trusting relationship with your prospects. Warm prospects are the best to convert into clients, and you don't need complex sales funnels, or spend your day on strategy calls or social media
* [SOURCE]: Numeric Statistics from AutoGrow
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Numbers Don't Lie
P E O P L E   Do!
Our Back Story . . .
Lexxtech has been providing online services since March 1999 as verified by WHOIS database. You can say that we grew up with the Internet and have seen the World Wide Web evolved from hand-coded, ugly one-page text websites to gorgeous multi-media sites, eCommerce, and we've seen many Search Engines that helped us navigate the internet, with the likes of Alta Vista, Netscape, Yahoo, Google, to Big Social Media giants like, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TicToc, ClubHouse, all designed to  hijacks people's attention; and while it's always exciting and evolving, we take a different approach to help our clients build their Client Attraction Flywheel.
Our Mission . . .
Remove unnecessary stress from business owners by designing simple, effective, predictive Client Attraction Flywheel.

          "One Finely Tuned Flywheel Will Explode Your Business."
Our Vision . . .
Help struggling businesses ditch their traditional non-linear, multi-purpose online presence and replace it with a single flywheel

"You're just ONE Client Attraction Flywheel away from consistently growing your business."
Who We Are . . .
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What We Do . . .
Lexxtech has been providing web services since March 1999, from local to international companies.

In the earlier days of the internet, we focused on offering Website Design, Hosting and Search Engine Optimization, SEO. As the internet evolved, we also evolved to later offer eCommerce, App Design & Development, Social Media Marketing and Digital Marketing Consultation and Training.

Nature is non-linear, humans are also non-linear, yet we insist on building linear systems (sales funnels, VSL, static Ads) to truncate our non-linear world ... it will always end up breaking!  

One cannot use linear models in a non-linear world and since most companies follow a linear business model, our main focus is to help companies design their own unique, non-linear Client Attraction Flywheel, where they:

  • provide massive value to prospects in advanced, 
  • treat prospects like clients in advanced, 
  • allow prospects to share the experience as a client, therefore making the selling process superfluous. 

Over a century ago, 1898, E. St. Elmo Lewis mapped out a customer attraction journey from the initial stage of attention, to the point of action or purchase

St. Elmo Lewis' idea is ubiquitously known in the marketing world as the AIDA model, which stands for Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action:

Awareness – the customer is aware of your product or service
Interest – the customer expressed interest
Desire – the customer has a desire for your product or service
Action – the customer takes action toward the next step, either buying or moving closer to purchasing.

The Client Attraction Flywheel is a non-linear model that understands the nuance of each prospects which allows for natural selection to occur, reducing your time spent on linear systems like strategy calls, fixing complex sales funnels, spending endless time on social media and spending a lotta, lotta money on online Ads. 

To learn about Customer Attraction Flywheel, enter your name and best email address, then click the BIG ORANGE BUTTON.

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